About Us

Negotiato.rs is a combination of a price comparison and negotiation service for institutional money managers, helping them to optimise their service provider setup and drive down operational costs. The proprietary Negotiato.rs database contains information about service providers regarding their capabilities, pricing ranges, contracts and target clients. This unparalleled market overview enables Negotiato.rs to connect the market participants with the best fit and to renegotiate clients’ existing service provider contracts successfully.

Negotiato.rs is is a brand of the Pfaeffikon-based Swiss 2n20.com AG. 2n20.com is a financial service provider specialized in internet based services tailored for the hedge fund industry. It launched the first index family for hedge funds in UCITS wrapper – the UCITS HFS Index family –  and acts as index advisor in this regard. 2n20.com provides institutional investors with information via its databases & newsletters and offers a suite of different products for alternative investment professionals.


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